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What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

NDIA funded SIL arrangements provide assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as autonomously as possible. 

SIL arrangements can suit a range of clients, including those who wish to live with friends or people they trust, where clients needs can be complex and other options are limited, or where it is a person’s own choice. SIL arrangements include the support workers, and the skill & capacity builders, that clients may need live in a shared setting.

SIL arrangements do not include board and lodging or other day to day usual living expenses such as food and activities, or the capital costs associated with a participant’s accommodation.

Many clients with a SIL arrangement can also have a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) package, which covers the cost of the physical accommodation.

The NDIA is encouraging clients to select different providers for SIL and the SDA (or other housing arrangement) parts of their living arrangement. This can give clients greater choice and control of their lives - as it reduces reliance on just one provider.

The Collective Care Supports Difference

The following are the key innovations which make Collective Care Supports a compelling choice for clients investigating SIL arrangements:

  1. Making SIL arrangements client centered – where the in home supports are built around the needs and wishes of a client (and less the needs of a provider, ratio or roster).

  2. Choice and control of your own support workers – Collective Care Supports take the time to understand client needs, and then match the support worker for each client.

  3. Connecting with the community – Collective Care Supports approach is to connect to community by engaging in activities that take in local connections and contacts

  4. Collective Care Supports can support clients to explore and consider innovative approaches to living in the community. This option may be suitable for clients not eligible for a SIL arrangement.

  5. We bring the lived experience of disability into services - over 50% of our staff have lived experience of disability

    • Understanding disability and disability rights in a SIL setting

    • Assistance getting the best NDIS plan

  6. We support SIL arrangements via our boutique localised services​

  • Local connections - supports provided by local people, with diverse backgrounds to bring a unique approach to day to day supports

  • Flexibility to meet client needs – personal assistance, support for community activities and independent skill building.

  • Highest standards in quality and safeguarding – all staff interviewed and screened, supervision by experienced sector professional. Collective Care Supports are a NDIS registered organisation.

  • Consistency of support, now and into the future - Collective Care Supports are a well respected employer of choice, and our teams can support clients for any length of time needed.

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